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ANGE NU Le Magazine is a fine art nude photography digital magazine, featuring as our 'Angels', the most stunning fashion models, muses & celebrities photographed by the worlds top photographers in the most beautiful locations. Published by renowned Greek fashion photographers Alexander Karmios and Chris Voreos, it is the world's first international nude magazine originating from Greece.
We are currently creating our 1st issue! We have begun photo-shootings with our beautiful "Angels" already. Jump on board and support our mission by becoming an early bird or VIP patron and get the benefits.



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Open Invitation
To Angel Investors

Letter & Vision from the Founders

We are Alexander Karmios and Chris Voreos, fashion & advertising photographers and filmmakers. Born and raised mostly in Greece, having explored and worked in almost half the planet. We have been around, making it in the fashion & film industry for more than 25 years, combined. We both miss how things were decades ago, when we grew up. The 60's genuine and innocent sense of liberation of the body and the sexual revolution of the 70s that our fathers taught us, the theatrical sensuality and glamour of the 80s and the supermodels era of the 90's that we experienced ourselves. You can't find this anymore and we want it back! This is why we created ANGE NU Le Magazine. Beauty, innocence, artistic and classic, naked, raw, pure and untouched from the digital corruption and fakeness that we see everywhere today. No fashion, no advertising, just celebrating beauty, nudity, art, love and life.
Life is too short and most of all it needs to be lived and enjoyed...
preferably NAKED!

Let's show this life, to the world.

So, now that we got things going, we are seeking for Angel Investors to share with them all the success and to speed up the awesomeness. As far as the business part is concerned, most of the magazine's profits will come from a subscription-based pricing model for the online content, followed by printed editions and some very matching advertising campaigns through the website and the printed magazine, strategically put protecting our vision. Our angel investors will become part of the whole journey, discussing ideas, meeting the models, travelling to production photo-shoots and joining us at every event. They will live the vibe of the magazine, we don't want you to just sit on your desk and only look at numbers. Seriously, fuck the numbers, come join us and live the magic with us

The Angel Investor

The ideal "Angel Investor" providing seed money for ANGE NU Le Magazine would be the investor who sees a commitment and participation for himself aiming and actively engaging for the magazine's best possible brightest future, having a genuine interest in innovation and the desire to be involved. The investment could be a one-time infusion or ongoing injections of cash, to get the magazine to take off and succeed in the shortest incubation period possible and the investor should have the financial capacity for it. This would apply to Angel Investors with a net worth of at least 1-2 million euros and financial acumen. This is the main reason why we are even seeking for an Angel Investor now and why we are willing to share our business to succeed and our forthcoming profits, in the first place: to speed up the process and get things done faster. We will be accepting

  • Pre-Launch Entry Seed Money proposals by mid Q1 / 2024 and
  • Post-Launch Entry Series-A Funding proposals by end Q3 / 2024.

The ideal Angel Investor should also be relatively somehow knowledgeable of the publishing, media and art world and preferably having and maintaining his own network of important industry acquaintances to bring to the table for potential collaborations. Accredited Angel Investors with access to the private capital markets and good knowledge of the IPO process, will be favoured.
We are planning to go big with this baby and the ideal Angel Investor should be a great mind thinking alike!

The Magazine

ANGE NU Le Magazine (meaning "Nude Angel" in French) is a fine art nude photography digital magazine, featuring as our 'Angels', stunning fashion models, muses & celebrities photographed by the world's best photographers in the most beautiful locations. Published and photographed by renowned fashion photographers Alexander Karmios and Chris Voreos, it is the world's first international nudes magazine originating from Greece. Inspired by the classic Lui Magazine (which we miss a lot) and the good old Playboy of the 70s,
ANGE NU Le Magazine will keep its standards high and we plan to become a publication proud of sophisticated, top quality images and content worth of making history again. Our goal is to deliver content from elite models, important personas and famous celebrities but also to discover new talent that readers follow on social media and crave content from.

Membership subscribers will be paying a monthly (or annual) fee, in 3 available tier options, to unlock their access to content of our monthly published issues. Some of the content will be free to access, in order to create engagement, The content, besides majority of it being images, will consist also of articles, interviews, even poetry. Subscriptions for the public will be available soon, currently, as we are going through our set-up phase, viewers can engage and gain access through our active crowdfunding campaigns and Patreon account. All "Early Birds" supporting us by pledging and subscribing before launch will receive valuable and exclusive collector's content as well as an extended membership, over their paid plan.

Very soon after (expected within 2024), ANGE NU Le Magazine will circulate also in print, as well as providing print on demand art work and even publishing a hardcover book! We have plans to launch our male version ANGE NU Hommes right after (Q3 / 2024).

We are currently creating our 1st issue! We have already begun photo-shootings with our first beautiful "Angels". Jump on board and support our mission!

We are looking forward to discussing your proposal. Please use the contact form to send us your message, or email us at:


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Milestones & Pre-Launch Schedule

We are sharing with you below, our planned milestones and pre-launch schedule, of all the work and preparation that we are going through, realizing ANGE NU Le Magazine from concept to delivering our awesome content to our valued membership subscribers.

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